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GU10 LED BULB - Power 6 Watt


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Lumens 320 Beam Angle 60
Power Consumption 6 Watt Size 50mm X 58mm
Input Power AC 100-240V Equivalent =(65Watt) halogen Bulb
Wattage 4 Watt Working Voltage AC 100-240V
Average Life in Hrs 50000 Hours Dimmable(Option) No
Base GU10 Colour Day white , Warm white

People still using the old fashioned and outdated halogen bulb are losing a great deal in terms of cost and energy efficiency. LED bulbs have become the new thing in lighting, at the same time in saving cost on electricity bills. The GU10 LED bulb is one of the many LED bubs that have been created to cut down on electricity cost. Most companies are shifting their production to these types of bulb, but you always find the leaders out there. LEDER is one of those, and has several brands of LED bulbs produced each day. Of them, this one comes with a design like that of vehicle headlights.

With about 27 LED chips on every single piece, you will be having enough light distributed throughout the room. 27 small bulbs are many you will say and think that the cost of lighting and running so many small bulbs could be higher. On the contrary, the GU10 LED bulbs only require 6 watts to keep them on. The standard bulbs consume about 40-60 watts, and still do not produce as much light as needed, meaning you will be getting more for less from these bulbs. The bulb is aluminum coated and released light as an angle of 120 degrees. A protective glass protects the LEDs, keeping them from such interferences as dust that could dim them after it accumulates on them.

Unlike other bulbs or lamps that will decrease their strength of lighting with continuous use, these one will not fade during usage. They retain the intensity and color of the light emitted until their lifetime is over, which is about 50,000 hours. The energy saving factor is also attributed to the fact that they do not produce heat as compared to the other contemporary bulbs. You can use them anywhere in matter whether in the office, kitchen, bathroom or study room. Above all, they are green options and come as affordable prices.